Welp, Let’s Give it a Go

Shall we?

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything personal or creative. When my mother died in 2017, I was already struggling then. After that, I kind of gave up, and I didn’t care that I gave up. Writing just seemed like something I used to do. I was just … over it.

The other thing that killed my desire to write was the 2016 election. I’m a very political person, political writing was very much a part of my life not too ago, hoped to even turn it into a career, but that went away and took a piece of my voice with it. When 2016 happened and this regime took power, debasing and embarrassing the country on a daily basis, well, that will crush the souls of the best of us, I think, and the thought of writing about it was a little more than I wanted to take on (it’s easier and faster to scream on Twitter).

But now …

I think most writers will understand what I’m saying when I talk about “the itch.” It’s the itch that starts needling your brain as new ideas whiz by inside your cranium. Over the last couple of years I’ve ignored some of those ideas or filed them away with a shrug, thinking I may revisit them at some point if I ever feel like writing again.

I think I’m getting there.

I’m not quite sure what this blog will be. Might post some poetry – poetry often helps me start writing – I might post some short stories, or political posts, and there might even be a rant or two thrown in for good measure, because ranting is always fun!

That all being said, this is the standard I’m going to try to stick to:

be courageous


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